On-Demand Images

These are simple.  You can contact me via the form and request certain pictures.  If I have them, easy enough.  If I do not and am close to the area or subject then we can  begin an on demand job.

The cost of an on-demand job will vary from $100.00 and up.  You will be given several versions of the image requested.  If you require the sole usage rights to the images the buy-out licence will be in place, if you do not then the extended licence will be the default.  Any images that do not require your exclusivity will be added to this site for future sales.  When the job has been started you will be given this option among others.  We use PayPal solely on this site at the present time, a deposit is required to begin all on demand jobs. During and upon completion of the shoot you will be sent links to the proofs for inspection and final purchase.