My Resume

I have been a stock photographer since 2000 and have teamed up with many stock sites.  I felt it time to put my images up for sale from me and include many that are not found elsewhere.   With this site there is no subscription to purchase, I am  ‘by the image’ sales so don’t forget to bookmark and come back often to see added images.  If you would rather pay subscriptions you can follow the links below to see my images on stock sites;






Currently located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada but starting next year will be on the road taking pictures. You can follow my wife and I on 3Brew.Com as we take on North America.  We will be adding loads of stock pictures of landscapes, RV’ing, popular places and events etc.

If you are looking for on-demand photo’s and we are in the area just contact us and we can help you out.  With our on-demand photo’s you can purchase using our RF License or buy out the picture and we transfer all ownership of that to you.  Images that we ‘Sell Out’ (Transfer ownership to you) will only be exclusive images to this site or on demand photo’s.  We will also have many editorial images that you can use in your blogs, newspapers or magazines etc.

Don’t forget to register with us so you can keep up with our new additions.  As always our prices will be more than fair and our image license allows you a wide variety of uses.